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Chengdu is a city with a very slow pace of life. So it attracts many tourists who come to Chengdu for leisure. Then, how should nightlife be when you are in such a entertainment industry highly developed city?

The song named Chengdu describes the leisure of Chengdu, and presents the comfort of Chengdu. You will experience the authentic Chengdu escort culture when you are enjoying the night of Chengdu. There is a place in Chengdu where people will be crowded at night, and tourists from everywhere and the local residents will gather together to spend a relaxing night in laughter.

This place is the nine-eye bridge in Chengdu. The nine-eye bridge seems to be like nine eyes from far away. Especially the nine-eye bridge at night, under the contrast of the lights, has been added a few different aesthetics.

The most famous place around nine-eye bridge is the nine-eyed bridge bar street. The bar street of nine-eye Bridge is so interesting. It is divided into two sides. One side is the Lancome Square with many Chengdu massage girls, and the other side is a variety of special features bars. But no matter which side, it is definitely the best place for nightlife. Invite three or five friends to a bar, drinking a few glasses of small wine, looking at the beauty of the water and the sky. This kind of life is also a lot more sentiment.


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