City “dialogue” with music

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“Music has no borders”, this is the most common saying by many musicians. Indeed, cities can also “talk” to music.

“The city of Bologna is very small. The city of Chengdu is relatively large. Two cities that were originally different and have no intersection, but they are connected by music.” Mariena Pilate told reporters that in the future, music will be the bridge. There will be more cooperation in cities.

In fact, Chengdu, which is actively building the international music capital, is accelerating its “dialogue” with the international music city. From the sound city meeting, in addition to Bologna, New York, Nashville, and Genana are also separated from the music. In the areas of economy, culture, tourism, etc., Claudia Pinna, senior tourism data analyst and tourism marketing manager of Genoa, Italy, said, “Even if the two places are far apart, the music is the language. Good to promote understanding.”

It is reported that this city is the most internationalized and largest conference since the founding of the conference. In the words of Shane Shapiro, the music and culture of Chengdu excite him. “I hope to pass this conference to the whole The world shows the musical charm of Chengdu, which allows Chengdu to have more exchanges with music cities around the world.”

It is worth noting that the “dialogue” with music as the language is not ineffective. As the chairman of the Executive Committee of the current City of Music, Zheng Gang, executive director of Sichuan Yincheng Culture Development Co., Ltd. told reporters that because of the connection between music Chengdu and Bologna More and more close, “Bologna has already invited Chengdu to return.”

According to reports, at this concert, the Bologna Opera House will conclude a sister theater with the Chengdu City Music Hall. Chengdu International Opera Club will be built by the Bologna Opera House in Italy, the Opera Theatre in Spain and the Chengdu City Music Hall.

Music drives urban innovation and development

“Bologna’s music industry accounts for about 10% of the city’s economy. In the past decade, international visitors to Bologna have increased significantly due to music.” In Marilyn Pilate’s view, music is an important part of the city. As the world’s first “music capital” awarded by the United Nations, Bologna has a profound experience of “music-driven urban development”.

One of the most intuitive examples is that a well-known urban music festival will bring a lot of people and consumption to the city. At the sound city meeting, Sarah Deben, the CEO of Sarawak Tourism Bureau of Malaysia, introduced that “Sarawak has evolved from a small-scale music festival to a large-scale music festival like this, and combines music and tourism. Together.”

Today, there is a lot of evidence that IP content such as music has brought considerable benefits to business and tourism. A US Patent and Trademark Office report shows that in 2014 alone, patent-related revenues accounted for more than 38% of US gross domestic product, equivalent to $6.6 trillion. Just last year, the media held 3 days of music energy saving to bring 80 million yuan to the local area.

In fact, the driving role of music in the city is far more than economic benefits. In Zheng Gang’s view, music is a business card for urban propaganda. “A well-behaved music festival is itself a city-wide publicity.” The collection of musicians and spectators around the world has allowed cities to expand their influence, such as the Miami Electronic Music Festival, which has global influence. “But this is definitely a process of long-term accumulation.” Zheng Gang said.

In the future, in the process of building an international music capital, Chengdu will also innovate and develop due to music. As the director of Chengdu Wenguang Tourism Bureau Duo Nanam said, “Chengdu hopes and expects to use music as a bridge and music as a medium. Deepen international exchanges and cooperation, share development opportunities and achievements, and integrate Chengdu into the world.”

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